Respell takes care of the heavy orchestration, integrations, retrying and reliability, and other tedious parts of building AI-enabled applications. It’s extremely simple, reducing a complex chain of logic to a simple POST request. Plus, upgrading or changing your AI models, integrations, etc. takes a few minutes in the editor.

Every manual spell has an accompanying API endpoint. Using the API allows you to:

  • Integrate spells into your website or product.
  • Design your own interface, instead of using the Spell Page.
  • Run many spells as part of a large job queue or pipeline.

Running your spell

When you publish a manual spell, you can go to the API tab to see that spell’s API endpoint. You can copy-paste the code snippet, replace your API key and the inputs, and run it! We generate the code in bash, Python, and Javascript.

Spell page API tab

Running the spell via API will always use the latest published version, so if you publish an update the new changes will be applied immediately on the next started spell. If you programmatically send inputs into the spell or retrieve outputs from the spell, make sure you update the spell and your code at the same time. If you need to ensure the new spell version only runs on your updated code, we recommend duplicating the spell and using the new spell’s API endpoint in your updated code.