Enterprise workspaces are billed for their AI usage at-cost. This section covers how AI usage is calculated and how to view your usage.

What Is AI Usage?

Whenever an AI model is run inside your Spells, we precisely track the cost required to use the AI model. To avoid requiring users to enter their own API keys from AI providers like OpenAI or Anthropic, we pay these costs for you. This AI usage cost is billed to your workspace on the first day of the next month.

Each model is priced differently; some text models price per “token” (usually 3-4 characters of text), others price based on how long the model was running to service your request, while other types of models may price differently (eg. image models are priced per image generation or pixel). We handle the work of calculating this all for you to the best of our ability.

We do not add a premium or additional fee on top of the AI usage cost - whatever the model provider charges us is what we charge you.

Your workspace may also have the option to pre-purchase AI usage at a discount. If you are a current Enterprise customer or interested in an Enterprise plan, please contact us to discuss details.

Viewing Your Usage

(image: billing page usage section)

The Usage section in the Billing page in your workspace settings gives you visibility into your historical and current month AI usage. You can change the date range view or use our preset date ranges to view historical data.

If you have any questions about your AI usage, please contact us.