There are 2 ways to start building a spell:

1. Using the Spell Studio

To access the Spell Studio, you can click the “New Spell” button from the Home page or Library page.

From here, you’ll be in the our Spell Studio! This is a drag & drop no-code editor. To get started, click on a ‘input’ block and attach it to a model and output. You can learn more about each block type in each block reference section.

All the blocks in our editor fit into one of four categories categories: Logic blocks, Data blocks, Integration blocks, or Model Blocks (text, image, speech, and agents).

2. Duplicating a spell or template from the Respell Explore Page

You can click on the “Duplicate” button for any public spell on the Respell Explore Page. Duplicating makes a copy of that spell in your Library, from where you can edit or build on top of it!

Here’s a video doing a walkthrough of our Respell dashboard and Spell Studio.