Respell is most useful when it is connected to your teck stack. At this moment, Respell can support 9 integrations natively. This includes: Slack, Airtable, Hubspot, Salesforce, Google, Zendesk, Notion, Linear, Confluence.


Each integration can be used in several ways:

In chat conversation

When chatting with Elle, conversations can reference content and workflows that exist in each integration.

In chat agents

Elle can deploy dedicated AI agents to manage work in any of the supported integrations.


Each integration can be needs to be authenticated through the Respell platform. The authentication flow will be triggered when the user either uses a spell with dedicated integration blocks, or connects their account in the setting page.

The “Connect Accounts” page can be accessed through the Respell Home Dashboard or in the Settings -> Linked Accounts page. This page will also allow the user to disconnect the linked accounts.

Other Integrations

If the integration or external service you’d like to connect to is not listed above, you may request a integration.

In the meantime, to build with external services, you can use any Respell spell with Zapier! This method can support 6000+ integrations and external services. More informaiton can be found on the Respell + Zapier page.