The spell studio is the most powerful part of the Respell platform. The spell studio is where you can create, run, and modify spells.

Spells are what we call workflows or automations that are powered by AI (artificial intelligence). It’s called a spell because its supposed to feel like magic! ✨

The Spell Studio can be accessed by clicking on the “New Spell” button on the Respell home dashboard, or by clicking on “Duplicate” for any spell on the Explore Page.

The spell studio has 3 main sections:

1. Top bar

The top bar is where you can name your spell, preview (and test) your spell, as well as publish your spell. To publish, you will be prompted to write a spell name, spell description, and choose relevant tags to categorize your new spell! The following page will be used to create your communtiy & sharing permissions.

2. Spell Editor

The Spell Editor is a library of blocks, categorized by functionality. Each block on the Respell platform has a dedicated documentation page with details on how to use each block.

Blocks are typically connected by dragging inputs and outputs together. Here is a basic spell:

3. Spell Run Page

The Spell Run Page is where you can run spells. You can also:

  • duplicate the spell
  • share the spell and handle sharing permissions
  • view spell insights such at cost incurred and spell runs
  • schedule the spell to run at any customized interval
  • run spells in bulk
  • view instructions on connecting with zapier
  • access a customized API endpoint for the spell

The spell run page example above can be found here.