Respell is a no-code platform where you can explore and create spells. Spells are what we call workflows or automations that are powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

It’s called a spell because its supposed to feel like magic! ✨

To explore spells, check out the Respell Explore Page, where you’ll find spells created by the Respell team & community. The Respell Explore Page has a variety of spells from filtering through resumés all the way to creating beats from an album cover.

Browse the Respell Explore Page for inspiration on what you can create with Respell! Also check out the next page to learn about Using Spells.

To create spells, you have 2 options:

  1. Use the spell studio to build from scratch for ultimate flexibility.
  2. Duplicate a public spell from the explore page, and build on top of that! The spells on the Respell Explore Page are made by community members. They also include official templates made by the Respell team!