Easily connect your spell as an action or trigger in Zapier to integrate with over 6000+ external services.

Using Respell’s Zapier integration means that you get to automate, schedule, and sync your spells with over 5000+ external services. Respell works with all integrations that Zapier supports.

Creating a Zap is easy. There are 3 steps:

Choose a Trigger

Once logged into zapier, you can create a new zap. The first step to creating a zap is choosing a trigger. Your trigger can be dependent on any of the 500+ integrations Zapier supports including Respell.

Examples of triggers include:

  • on spell completion inside Respell
  • on new database entry in Airtable
  • on new email recieved to your Gmail inbox

Choose Event

After choosing a trigger, your zap will run whatever event you’d like like, including running a Respell spell.

Example of events include:

  • running a Respell spell
  • sending an email
  • editing or adding an entry to a database


After choosing your trigger and event, you can customize your zap further or simply publish it to start the automation!

Customizations mean that you can add several triggers and events to your zap, create templates to share with your team, and even add timed runs for your zaps.

Here’s an example of a zap used to create professional email responses to any starred email directly in your Gmail inbox! This zap uses a spell that takes in a email input and drafts a professional response.

This zapier template can be found here