The Combine Text block is a logic block best used to create an output using various inputs as variables. It’s especially helpful for creating a prompt.

For a detailed breakdown on how this block works, see our Learning Respell YouTube series.

The Combine Text block has 1+ inputs and 1 output.


  • Text One: This text input functions as a variable. This variable can be used a dynamic text input inside the prompt of the Combine Text block.
  • Click on “Add input” to add additional inputs!


  • Combined Text: The outputs returns the prompt combined with the dynamic inputs.

Here’s an example of its use in our Resume Ranker template.

There are 3 inputs that are connected to the input block. They are named Additional Feedback, Job Description, and Resume. Each of these are text inputs that are treated as variables inside the prompt.

This is the expanded view of the combine text block where you can create a prompt by using each inputs as a variable.

In this prompt, the variables are denotes with [[ ]]. These square brackets represents the dynamic input that the variables contain.

This is what the entire spell for the Resume Ranker looks like.