The Phone Call block is powered by Bland AI’s phone call agent. This agent can perform phone calls autonomously based on any objectives. This phone call block is current limited to US phone numbers only.

For a detailed breakdown on how this block works, see our Learning Respell YouTube series.

The Phone Call block has 2 inputs and 1 output.


  • Phone Number: The phone number the agent will call.
  • Objective: The objective is the instruction for the agent. It should describe the reason for the call and any relevant information needed to complete the call. Once the objective is complete, the agent will end the call.


  • Transcript: The output is a live transcript of the call made by the AI agent to fulfill the objective to the provided phone number. The transcript includes the conversation between the AI agent and the human on the other end of the phone line.

Upon clicking on the settings for the phone call block, you can choose the type of voice the phone call block will call with from the drop down menu:

Check out this block in action here!