The Claude 2 block is powered by Anthropic’s Claude 2 conversation model. It has a 100k context window.

The Claude 2 block has 2 inputs and 1 output.


  • Prompt: The prompt has all the context the AI model needs to make any computation. For example, a prompt can be: “rank these resumes from best to worst” along with the resume files.
  • Instruction: The instruction is used to describe the assistant’s role in detail so it knows how you want it to act. You can reference the profession, personality traits, or behaviors you expect. For example, an instruction can be: “you are an assistant skilled at evaluating resumes based on quality of content.”


  • Response: The response returns the output from the Claude 2 model based on the instructions and prompt inputs provided for computation.

To make more powerful prompts, try using the Combine Text block

This block is particularly skilled at evaluating numerical data like from spreadsheets and business documents!