The Text to Speech step lets you create an AI-generated audio snippet from the script you enter. You can choose models from several popular providers, a specific voice, and (when possible) the target language.

Text to Speech step


ModelDropdownThe AI model you want to use to narrate the script.
PromptPlain TextWhat you want the AI to say. The AI will narrate exactly what you enter.
VoiceDropdownThe voice model you want the AI to speak in. Models often offer several voices with different personalities and accents.
LanguageDropdownThe target language the AI should speak in.


Generated SpeechAudio FileThe AI-generated speech.


  • Try different models and voices! Some models will handle ambiguities like punctuation or pauses better than others, and voices can often differ in quality as well.
  • Usually, you’ll want to choose a voice that resonates most with the target listeners.