The Research Agent is a prebuilt agent that can search the web, crawl websites, and extract information to write a research report on a given topic or query. You can use the Research Agent for searching for people, topics, or recent events.

Research Agent step

Under the hood, the agent has access to several tools it may decide to use:

  • Search Google
  • Crawl a website
  • Extract a website’s text content
  • Summarize findings

When you run the agent, it will typically first make a few Google searches to find websites relevant to your query. It will then begin searching within those websites for relevant information, traversing links until it finds a sufficient answer (or decides an answer isn’t likely to be found). Since it queries live information, it will have more accurate information than an AI model might produce, but it will take longer.


Research QueryPlain TextThe query to start the search.


Research ReportPlain TextThe research report compiled by the agent.


  • Providing a URL may improve quality by giving the agent a starting point - and it may make it faster as well!
  • You can describe how you want the report to be written (verbose vs. concise, bullet points or paragraphs, etc.) in the query.